The Uniqueness of Indian Clinical Pharmacognosist in Additive to the Role of Structural Phytochemist. / La singularidad de la farmacognosia clínica hindú en adición al rol de la fitoquímica estructural

Resumen / abstract: 

There are two conceptually divergent streams of therapeutic modules operative in India today both being vibrant. These modules are operative on one hand in the modern hospitals as Allopathic system and the other being scattered in the country especially in the rural parts as Ayurvedic, Sidha and Unani and to an extent the century and half old Homeopathic systems. This review is to probe the possibility of converging the conceptually different systems under a single roof of modern hospital, the rendezvous achieved by the role of a Clinical Pharmacognosist who could bridge the gap between both the systems.

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