Medicinal plants in the family farms of rural areas in southern Brazil: ecological and ethnobotanical aspects

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The objective of this study was to find which medicinal plants were used by family farmers from rural areas located in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, and to characterize the habitat where they are cultivated. This research was conducted in 2011/2012, it included 43 farmers aged from 38 to 92 years of age, and it was grounded on the snowball method. A total of128 species belonging to 60 botanical families were found. Three cultivation areas are discussed, namely, backyard, grass field, and “capão”, a small forest fragment. Herbaceous and shrubby species were most commonly found in the backyard and grass field areas, while tree species were found in the “capão”. Medicinal plants were mostly located in areas that had been modified by farmers.

Keywords: herb, botanical knowledge, Araucaria forest, Highland fields.

Plantas medicinales en las fincas familiares del área rural en el sur de Brasil: aspectos ecológicos y etnobotánicos

El objetivo de esta investigación fue identificar las plantas medicinales utilizadas por los agricultores familiares del área rural de Santa Catarina, sur de Brasil, y caracterizar el hábitat donde se cultivan. La evaluación se realizó en 2011/2012 con 43 agricultores de 38 a 92 años siguiendo la metodología de la bola de nieve. Se pudo identificar 128 especies pertenecientes a 60 familias botánicas. Tres ambientes para el cultivo: quintas, pastizales y fragmentos forestales. En las quintas y pastizales predominan las especies herbáceas y arbustivas, mientras que las especies arbóreas se localizaron en los fragmentos del bosque. Las plantas medicinales se encontraban principalmente en hábitats modificados por los agricultores.

Palabras clave: Hierbas medicinales, conocimiento botánico, bosque de araucaria, campos de planalto.

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