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Volumen 16, Número 5, Septiembre de 2017

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Ogunwande et al., (Nigeria). Chemical constituents and insecticidal activity of essential oil of Paullinia pinnata L (Sapindaceae).

Villa-Ruano et al., (México). Essential oil composition, carotenoid pro le, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of the parasitic plant Cuscuta mitraeformis

Aponte-Buitrago et al., (Colombia). Flavonols and sesquiterpenoids from outer bark and leaves of Croton polycarpus Benth. (Euphorbiaceae).

Carvajal et al., (Chile). Uses of hazardous medicinal plants: composition of the essential oil of Clinopodium gilliesii (Benth.) Kuntze (Lamiaceae), collected in Chile. 

Fernandes et al., (Brasil). Medicinal plants in the family farms of rural areas in southern Brazil: ecological and ethnobotanical aspects.

Pereira et al., (Brasil). Cytotoxic effects of the essential oil from leaves of Vasearia sylvestris SW. (Salicaceae) and its nanoemulsion on A549 tumor cell line.

Chinh et al., (Vietnam-Nigeria). Volatile constituents of Atalantia roxburghiana Hook. f., Tetradium trichotorum Lour. and Macclurodendron oligophlebia (Merr.) Hartl. (Rutaceae) from Vietnam.


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