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Volumen 17, Número 1, Enero de 2018

Revisión ǀ Review

Menedez-Perdomo et al., (Cuba). Cuban flora species as a potential sources of DNA protective compounds.

Gastaldi et al., (Argentina). Solidago chilensis Meyen (Asteraceae). A comprehensive review.


Artículo Homenaje ǀ Tribute Article

Urzúa et al., (Chile). Medicinal plants introduced in America: evangelist influence in the conquer of America.


Artículos ǀ Articles

Leal et al., (Argentina). Effects of essential oils from two Lippia species on growth of phytopathogenic fungi.

Parra-Palma et al., (Chile). Linking the platelet antiaggregation effect of different strawberries species with antioxidants: Metabolomic and transcript profiling of polyphenols.

Thai et al., (Vietnam). Chemical constituents of essential oils from three Vietnamese species of Pinus.

Omidpanah et al., (Irán). Phthalate contamination of some plants and herbal products.


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